Baduanjin Qigong

DescriptionBaduanjin qigong.jpg. The Qing Dyansty printing of the Weisheng Jieyao, a manuscript of qigong. This illustrates one of the seated postures of Baduanjin (Eight Pieces of Brocade) Qigong. Date. Source, http://www. Author, Gueyang Shanren. Sifu Coach Nikolas Maricic this year attended 2 events for World Taichi and Qigong day one in. with computerized […]

Baduanjin Qigong Youtube

One of the oldest Qigong / Chi kung exercise for health and wellbeing in China with over 1000 years of history. The demonstration is done by Master Faye. Qigong Near Santa Clarita Staff Weapons Jo, Bo, Gun, Bang, Staff, Cane, Zhang, Walking Stick Pole, Quarterstaff, Spear, Short Staff, Stick, Rod Bibliography Links Quotations Equipment. 9 […]