What To Do Before Learning Reiki

Reiki 10 Hours Jul 18, 2014  · Reiki master Gianantonio Corna told the News he can’t even remember the last time he got sick, which he thinks is due to the healing practice. NOW AVAILABLE!!! In Partnership with Horses™ A 2-Disc Set True Partnership with Horses as Coaches, Healers, Messengers and Teachers As an Equine Linguist, […]

Qigong Before Bed

Jan 4, 2008. SLEEPING QI GONG The following techniques can easily be practiced by anyone regardless of physical condition. By practicing the Sleeping Qigong, you will relieve stress, tension, fatigue and pain, and be able to rebalance many chronic health conditions. You can practice these during a brief nap or. Can you do qigong before […]