Reiki Brain Injury

He suffered a brain injury in 2007 after a vehicle he was driving was hit by a tractor-trailer. He had an initial Reiki session with one volunteer practitioner, then another with seven Stone Soup volunteers. On his third visit, he started working. Ottawa – April 21-22 – EY Centre – FREE to attend, The Healthy […]

Brain Qigong

Qigong Vs Mma Although this injury in the past was known to be common amongst the boxing community, it has quickly become a frequent experience to many MMA fighters. (sometimes called Chinese health balls or qi gong balls) have a long history in China. Tai Chi vs MMA (Who is nicer?) Ian Sinclair. Loading. Tai […]

Qigong Brain Waves

Alpa Brain Waves increase with Qigong practice. Dr. Sancier referenced two studies that show alpha brain waves dominate beta waves and spread to the frontal areas of. Qigong Healer/Practitioner Peng Her is hooked up to a Biofeedback software that reads brain waves. Gamma brain waves. Website: http://www. Unleash the Amazing Powers of the Human Mind. […]