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Noon, first and third Thursdays, Uncle John’s Restaurant, 402 24 th Ave. Pine Drive, Surfside Beach. KUNG FU, TAI CHI AND QIGONG, 843-294-5486. Kung Fu, Monday, Wednesday 7-10 p.m.; Tuesday, Thursday 8:30-10 p.m.; children’s. When life is preserved in a natural way it gives freshness and cheerfulness and health qigong is one best solution aiming […]

John Chang Qigong Master

Qigong. What Does This Word Mean Breathing is the most important thing we do moment to moment. An ancient meaning for the word “Qi” is “vital breath”. There are many methods of breathing associated with Qigong but the mainstay is to focus on the four phases of respiration: inhale, short pause, exhale, long pause. Healing […]

Qigong Demo With John Chang

David Carradine, who was found dead on June 4 aged 72, was the lanky, sad-eyed American actor catapulted to fame as Kwai Chang Caine in the 1970s cult. videos teaching the martial arts of Tai qi and Qi Gong. Having had no. Mi Gong Here my 2nd attempted at making a MV. This one is […]

Chang Chang Qigong

Drop in classes on Medical Qi Gong in Chiang Mai Thailand. These classes are taught by an instructor trained by the Thai Qi Holistics Group and are. Pa Kua Chang (Ba Gua Zhang) Qi Gong Kung Fu – WuDang Mt Orthodox Blue Dragon Pa Kua Chang of Lu-Shui Tien and Bok Nam Park. We teach […]