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Retrouvez ici nos cours complets sur le Tai Chi et le Qi Gong. Ces vidéos vous sont offertes par le site de VOD Jun 11, 2015. Trials examined any type of qigong, and comparison groups provided no intervention or minimal intervention. We have provided details of the included studies in the Characteristics of included […]

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Qigong Chart

According to Emei Qigong, at the moment we're born the universal elemental energies affecting us get locked into a pattern based on karma from our past lives. This pattern creates a “moving program” that determines everything in our life. It is possible to map out these energies, similar to the way astrologers create a chart. […]

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Which DVD Is Right For You? Qi Gong offers something for everyone. Whether you are a beginner just getting started with Qi Gong, or looking to find a DVD that matches well to your ability level or a medical condition, this selection chart will help you find the titles that are just right for you. […]

Reiki Hand Position Chart

Reiki Hand Positions for Healing Others with Downloadable PDF Chart. Reiki TreatmentMassage TreatmentEmotional HealingChakrasMeditation Hand PositionsYoga PositionsHandsReflexologyWordpress. Elemental reiki how do you become a reiki master,how to do reiki how to do reiki healing,massage and reiki reiki. Reiki Hand Positions for Healing Others Chart – Karen Frazier – Page 1. Reiki Hand Positions for healing […]