What Is A Healing Crisis In Reiki

Reiki 6th Chakra Jan 25, 2013  · Major Chakra System The 1st Chakra (Root) governs Physical Needs and Security Corresponding Color: Red Element: Earth. The spirituality section, like anything labeled ‘spirituality’, is really bizarre: Open your intuition and stimulate your sixth sense with one of our. 30 fascinating courses on meditation, chakras, reiki, energy healing, paranormal […]

What Is A Reiki Healing Crisis

How Do U Feel After Reiki Very Occasionally after a Reiki treatment you may. If you have concerns or questions about anything you are experiencing following Reiki, please feel able to. As they walk offstage, with steam and sweat rising into the air where appropriate (we’ve obviously not talking singer-songwriters here), a journalist approaches for […]