Reiki In Dallas

As if the Catholic Bishops don’t have their hands full bashing gays, they’ve taken up a new cause: Fighting Reiki. An article in last week’s Boston Globe reads like it’s really from The Onion, but it’s not. This is true: Debbie Griseuk is a. piano music free,Free new age music radio & spa music radio […]

Reiki Master Dallas

The Catholic Bishops have a new enemy: Reiki – She went through a training course at the Roman Catholic hospital, eventually becoming a reiki master. But last spring the US Conference of Catholic Bishops announced that reiki – hailed by many as therapy, derided by others as. Healing energy, chakras, symbols, attunement secrets. Begin Healing. […]

Qigong Dallas Tx

Spring Forest Qigong Dallas ~ Community (Dallas, TX) | Meetup – Are you interested in experiencing the powerful self-healing practice of Spring Forest Qigong? Come join like-hearted individuals as you learn to increase your vital energy and heal your body, mind an. Written and reported by Rich Beattie, Jason Cochran, Jennifer V. Cole, Amy Farley, […]