Qi Gong 5 Gates

Nov 25, 2016. In this article I will talk about other three energy gates: two Laogong points on our palms and fifth gate, Baihui point , on the top of our head. Senior Energy Gates Instructor Paul Cavel of London N1 offers an explanation on how to train to open the energy gates of your […]

Qigong Gates And Cavities Of The Body

"I can really tell the difference in my game." Gorski is one of the Institute for Lifelong students participating in a "Qigong: Exercises for Mind, Body & Spirit" class that instructor Lang Gates has been teaching at Western Iowa Tech. The Secret of Yin and Yang in Tai Chi practice – Health. – Energy Gates […]

Energy Gates Qigong

Whenever people felt crushed by unrelenting sorrow, or burned with too much energy for normal life. be just as much emphasis on bodily as on mental care. Aerobics, yoga, Qi Gong, running, and many other physical activities would be. Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body Qigong – Energy Gates Qigong is the most effective […]