Reiki Method Of Treatment

Reiki means "universal life energy" and is an ancient healing method that manipulates energy flow in the body. Reiki practitioners believe there is an energy force in and around the body. They believe that there is a flow of energy between the reiki practitioner and the receiver of the treatment. It is thought that reiki […]

Yan Xin Qigong Nine Step Method

8 Qi Gong Tatsächliche Heilung durch Qi Gong – Duration: 8:50. MySpiritDimensions 101,177 views. 8:50. Der moderne Qi Gong Kurs — Die 18 Figuren der Harmonie. In traditional Chinese culture, qi or ch’i ( qì) is believed to be a vital force forming part of any living thing. [page needed] [page needed] Qi translates. This […]