4 Golden Wheels Qigong

Best Price Guarantee! The Golden Wheel Boutique Hotel Practices taught: The Theory of the 4 Golden Wheels; Hologram Palm Empowerment; Breathing Empowerment; Awakening Awareness; Nourishing Qi; 4 Golden Wheels Exercise. "We all have good day and bad days. The difference between them depends on the quality of our Qi. If you practice Qigong every day […]

Reiki On Wheels

Reiki Rhode Island Reiki. For those of you unfamiliar with reiki, it's a healing technique where the reiki master can channel energy into and out of the patient by means of touch. Seeing the radical. Naglaa, born in Egypt, has been a reiki master for over three years. 560 Mineral Spring Avenue, Pawtucket RI 02860 […]